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Course designed by renowned Ivy League Admissions Coach - Adam Tolnay

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An online course by renowned Adam Tolnay. Educated at Harvard University, London School of Economics, Georgetown University, Adam was a Reuters Digital Visions Fellow at Stanford University as well. He is the founder of Learning Enterprises, The Learning Foundation India, PANANGO Papua New Guinea, Y-Fi: Youth Financial Literacy and has 22 years of experience in designing and launching education projects worldwide.

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HOW TO GET ADMISSION IN IVY LEAGUE UNIVERSITIES - Online Course aims to make you Ivy League admissions ready. Upon successful completion of the course, you will be awarded with a verifiable certificate issued by Horizon Ivy. Armed with the flexibility of being online, micro-learning at your pace, and the caliber of the education, this really is the Trifecta

8.5 Percent

As per US News Data, only 8.5 Percent of all applicants to Ivy League colleges were admitted in 2016. In other American Colleges and universities, the average acceptance rate was about 65 percent for the same time period. That’s only 9 Approvals for every one thousand that apply.

In 2017, more than 35,000 students applied for Harvard University Alone. With a meager 3.8% acceptance rate, that meant only 2029 students were accepted. Similar numbers were observed across Ivy league universities. You need this course if you wish to be accepted in the Ivy League university of your choice. 

Start Early, Join The Course Now To Give Yourself Enough Time To Prepare. 

Lay a strong foundation by starting early. This course will help guide you to prepare successfully for the admission process. The course would guide you by teaching you the tracks you need to follow for success. Based on the learning, you’ll be able to enroll in the universities that lead you on the path to success.

Fulfilling the prerequisites and taking on the college preparation load is a demanding task. Horizon Ivy’s “How to get admission in Ivy League Universities” helps you achieve just that. Learning directly from Adam, based on his experience of admission and college education from different Ivy League Universities, this course will ensure that you are in a much better place than other students who are striving to get a seat at an Ivy League University by providing you a very holistic approach on how to be a competitive candidate for an admission at an Ivy League Institute. 

Whether you are in middle school, a Freshman, a Senior or an A-level student- this specifically curated course will help you secure a place at an Ivy League Institute.

Why This Course? 

This course is for you if you are looking for the tools, guidance, and instructions that can help you get to the next level in your career. This course is perfect for those who wish to aim higher and get an Ivy League University admission. If you’re reading this, it is clear that you have the aspirations and dreams to join one of the prestigious universities known as Ivy League.  
Many students across the world belong at Ivy League and other top US universities, but do not have access to the right guidance at an early stage. We believe that right training and a multi-dimensional approach to excellence is a quintessential pre-condition to admission at an Ivy League University.

Available Only With This Course:

Daily video lessons and exercises to help you discover most about the Ivy League Admissions Process and gain insights on how to master it. Get that guidance from the expert who is a harvard Alumni himself. Get the insider information you need to crack the code to a successful admission in to one of the top universities in the world. 

Start Early, Start Now: 

Starting preparation early is Key. This course has been designed for all students above the age of 13. As per the 2017’s published early admission statistics, regular admission acceptance rate was less than 7% average for all 8 Ivy League Universities, compare this to approximately 21% acceptance rate for early admission applicants.
That’s why we highly encourage you to read on and discover 
a revolutionary program that not only brings out the skills you know you have but also…

To learn the skills required so that Ivy League Universities Admission Officers are intrigued by you and want to take your application forward in the application process.

To learn the essence of what makes super performers the top 10%, that get the coveted admission acceptance letter from the University of their dreams.

To help remove doubts in you and learn the insider information on how you can stand out in the crowd so that you can aim for goals that you once thought were impossible.

To learn how to write that perfect statement of purpose, a college specific essay that excites the Ivy League admissions Officers and gets you the coveted acceptance letter.

What You’ve Been Told About Ivy League Admissions Process Is A Myth 

Time and again, it has been regurgitated that admission in one of the Ivy League Universities is impossible for ordinary students. While that may be true for many, however, you too can get that admission even without those perfect grade scores. 

Start the course today to know about which skills are needed beyond your education for an Ivy League Admission.

A perfect grade score too sometimes is not enough. Ivy League Universities are not only looking for perfect grade scores, they are actively searching for those well-rounded students who are not only great at studying and scoring well but also those who have an excellent track record in extra-curricular activities. However, 

Admission Process is more complex than perceived to be...

But it’s not IMPOSSIBLE. The key to becoming successful into an Ivy League university student lies in implementing the learning from the course. 

What The Statistics Really Says About Ivy University Admissions Process … 

Let’s take a look at the admission numbers in the Ivy League Universities for Fall 2017 which is known as Class of 2021 based on the year of completion of studies of that batch.



Harvard, in 2017, accepted a record low of 5.2% Applicants. From the total 39,506 Applicants, only 2056 Students were accepted. However, in the early applicants’ case, out of 6743 Applicants, 938 were accepted to the school. That’s a whopping 14.49% of students.


Princeton University had a slightly better acceptance rate of 6.09% for the 31056 applicants, accepting 1891 students, whereas, in the Early Decisions process, it recorded an amazing rate of 15.39% admission rate with 770 being accepted out of 5003 applicants.


For the class of 2021’s Regular Admissions, Brown University admitted 2027 Students against 29,554 Applications received. That’s about 6.86% acceptance.  Of the 3170 Early Admission Applicants, only 695 were accepted, that’s a staggering 21.92% Acceptance rate.

What does this mean for students now?

Getting an admission in the coveted colleges is becoming difficult by the year. However, all is not lost. Harvard Crimson reports that for the class of 2022, i.e. the starting year of 2018, more first-generation college applicants and low-income students are getting admissions into the college. This means that a student who fits college's idea of a good student still has a better chance than a student with perfect scores. Perfect grades will definitely push your chances higher, however, they may still not guarantee acceptance. Horizon Ivy’s online course will teach you what skills to prepare for, in order to stand out in the crowd and make an impact on the application reviewer. While regular admission process for high school passouts is becoming tough to crack, however, there is an ample scope and opportunity in the early admission process where applications are lesser and acceptance rates are higher. And it makes sense. If you have the drive to excel and do things differently, it would be seen as natural to apply for Ivy league Universities early. It shows intellect, direction, and a sense of purpose. So don’t wait to think about your college admissions after you graduate from School. Start preparing early. The merit is there as the numbers prove.

Think like a Winner. Perform like a Genius.

This course is all about how to maximise your potential and opportunities to ensure success. Hence, all students of this course will undergo specific guided coaching to achieve the following results:

Stay motivated to get much more done in the right direction for your success. Horizon Ivy's Course contains daily videos combined with exercises that help you think better and perform as an ideal Ivy League Student. Channelise your creative energies to achieve the success of your dreams.

As you can see these are the qualities that leaders are made of and that’s what Ivy League Universities are looking for in their students.

Here's how the course works

Enroll in the Course

Anyone can start the course at their convenient time. Once started you get access to premium content by Adam Tolnay who will guide you step by step in the right direction for success.

Guidance for Success

Every learning in the course's units offers a new perspective on the goal. Guaranteed to push you one step closer to an admission in an Ivy League of your choice. 

Short-Learning: Fits in your Pocket

No need to find quiet time to sit down and study. Learn on the go. The course is designed with short learning videos ranging from 10 Mins to a maximum of 30 mins, accessible on multiple platforms for your convenience.

Influential Learning: Learn from the renowned Expert

The course has been designed to maximise engagement and hence includes personal accounts, experiences, and insights from Adam's years of experience.

Meet the expert Ivy League Admissions Coach - Adam Tolnay.

Adam Tolnay, a native of Romania, was educated at Harvard College, the London School of Economics, Harvard University, Georgetown University and was a Reuters Digital Visions Fellow at Stanford University. 

Founder of Learning Enterprises, The Learning Foundation India, PANANGO Papua New Guinea, Y-Fi: Youth Financial Literacy and has 22 years of experience in designing and launching education projects worldwide.

Helping students achieve their goals is Adam’s forte. His work has been embraced by hundreds of students many of whom have been a part of the Ivy Leagues already.

But for Adam – It wasn’t easy. As a young Student, Adam knew of many students who were struggling. Many deserving students who were brilliant, however, just didn’t know any better. The age-old saying that good grades get you into good colleges was the myth most students were focussing on and sadly even after straight A’s most failed to get acceptance letters.

He utilized his learnings from his own experience and started teaching others on how to achieve this goal. Over the course of last 22 years, Adam has helped many students to get through a prestigious American University such as Brown University, University of Pennsylvania, University of California etc.

What people say about Adam Tolnay.

“Adam Tolnay is my best mentor, friend, and guide—someone I was so lucky to have met. He is a master of communication with a delicate and genuine heart that connects with students. I always felt he is me on the other side of the mirror, and he understands me beyond myself. I believe he will not only cultivate the best in students but also gently mentor students to introspect and prosper long beyond their fortunate interactions with him.”

Alex He, Brown University

“To be honest, I would not have done so much without Adam’s help. As a great advisor, he is professionally and personally devoted; he listens to students and really cares about what we are interested in. In other words, he sees the students’ interests as his own and he brings out his students’ potentials. During high school, I had a lot of chances to meet up with Adam just to talk about life, school, and everything. He can be a good friend and also a wonderful guide, especially so when I was choosing the schools that would fit me. More importantly, he can offer and teach students how to both plan for the long-term and work on immediate goals. I have to say that the things I learned from Adam will benefit me life-long.”

Johny Zhou, University of California

“My daughter Kim surprised me when she asked if she could teach in Africa. We were worried and accompanied her. She taught so well and we were very proud of her. She then discovered Mount Allison University, the best liberal arts university in Canada, and with Adam’s guidance was admitted. Kim is so happy there. I am here to support Horizon Ivy and its programs as a parent.”

Eva Yang, Parent in Shanghai China

What You'll Learn

Valuable learning only available from this course:

Introduction to the Ivy League Universities

  • A Brief Introduction on the Ivy League

  • What makes Ivy League so great?

  • Extraordinary Professors at the Ivy League

  • The Tradition of research at the Ivy League

  • Tolnay’s Extracurricular Program

  • Daily life at an Ivy League School

  • Fun at an Ivy League School

  • Ivy League Universities at a glance

  • Financing for an Ivy League Education

Getting into an Ivy League School

  • 3P’s for Admission in an Ivy League University

  • Eight Secrets from the Ivy League Admissions Office

  • Beyond Grades

  • Nine easy and early steps to prepare for an Ivy League School

  • The Admission Unicycle

  • Six Spokes of the Admission Unicycle

  • Managing the Ivy League Application Process

An Extraordinary Course That Gets You To Think like an Ivy League Student, and Become an Ivy League Student.

During the course, you’ll learn to unlock insightful ideas and actionable tactics from Adam Tolnay’s personal experiences via video.

Program Information

You’ll be able to unlock new learning through the course. So what happens is that you’re going to go through the program along with other students under guidance from Adam Tolnay based on his individual experiences in various universities.

Start your transformation journey now....

Course Fee: INR 7000 INR 1990/-

This Course is divided into four main parts:


What is Ivy League?

This section outlines the 8 Parts Series and explains the concept of Ivy League Universities

Highlights Include:

  • Ivy League Universities in America
  • Ivy League+ Schools in America
  • History and Culture of the Ivy League Schools
  • Anecdotes from Adam’s personal journey in the Ivy League Universities


Life at Ivy League

In the Second Part, you will learn about Life of a student in Ivy league. Culture, extra curricular activities, Infrastructure, environment, and types of students that are carefully selected by the Colleges based on their unique Admission Process

Highlights Include:

  • 5 elements of the Ivy League Culture
  • Diversity and Access to Opportunities in Ivy League Schools
  • Adam’s personal journey of Self-discovery
  • Life in general in an Ivy League University
  • The Learning Culture


What makes Ivy League Special & Distinct?

In this Part, Adam would discuss the difference between an Ivy League College and other colleges. Additionally, you will learn about the opportunities only available at Ivy League colleges.

Highlights Include:

  • Culture of learning and participation
  • Infrastructure and facilities
  • Focus of Ivy League universities on Students
  • Access to Professors, Research, and unique experiences.


How to get into an Ivy League University?

The fourth part deals with advanced tools that would help you cut out inefficiency and redundancies that most students can have and to apprise you of the right strategy to get into an Ivy League University of choice.

Highlights Include:

  • 3P’s of Admission Process
  • 8 Secrets of the Admission Office
  • Admission Cycle & Financing Options
  • 9 Easy steps to prepare for the Admission Process
  • How to succeed in the various sections of the Admission Process

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Course Fee: INR 7000 INR 1990/-

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is this program for? What will it do for me?

This program is specially designed for anyone desirous of gaining admission in one of the top Universities known as Ivy League. The Online Course is ideal for learners who are in need of specific instructions on how to crack the admissions. Those who know they are capable and know that they have a better life ahead by getting an education in one of the top Schools.

2. How is this course different?

The online course is first of kind to offer inside information, tips and tricks based on Adam Tolnay's personal experience of pursuing education in Harvard College, the London School of Economics, Harvard University, Georgetown University and as a Reuters Digital Visions Fellow at Stanford University

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